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BIR Returns can be generated automatically such as 2550M, 2550Q, 1702Q, 1702, 1601C, 1601E, 1603, 1604CF, 1604E, 2306, 2307, 2316, and Alphalist

eBIR Forms Download

Installation Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or up

HD: 100MB free disk space


Recommended Installation Procedures for Version 7.3.1

1) Unzip the downloaded package

2) Double-click the file "Offline eBIRForms Package v7.3 setup.exe"

3) Follow all the instructions. However, it is recommended to install Version 7.3.1 on a separate folder, so just type in the folder "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3.1" when ask to select a different folder

After installation, copy the following folders from your old eBIRForms to the newly installed folder. Do this only if you installed V7.3.1 on a separate folder as recommended under instruction #3 above :

1) from "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3\profile" to "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3.1\profile

2) from "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3\savefile" to "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3.1\savefile

3) from "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3\IAF_RDO_Copy" to "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3.1\IAF_RDO_Copy

How to link eBIRForms Version 7.3.1 to T10 Explorer

1) Open master file "Command Line Interface" under Admin Setup

2) Add new record and open file dialog on the "FilePath" column and look for the file "C:\eBIRFormsV7.3.1\BIRForms.exe"

3) Click "Save"

What's new with version 7.3.1

Enhancement for the ff:

*SR2019-000513909 - Form 1701A: Resolve printing error

*SR2019-000502324 - Form 0619F: Resolve issue on amount do not appear in Item 19 when printing the form

*SR2019-000501104 - Form 1701A: Resolve issue If item 30 is negative amount or overpayment, overpayment options field shall become mandatory and TP shall be prompt to select one of the given options.

*SR2019-000501264 - Form 1604CF: script error during printing

What's new with version 7.3

New Forms and enhancement for the ff:

1) RR No. 8-2018 - Added New Form: Annual Income Tax Return for Individuals Earning Income Purely from Business/Profession

2) RMC No. 88-2018 - Added New Form, 2000: Monthly Documentary Stamp Tax Declaration/Return

*SR2018-000467971 - 1701Qv2018: Schedule 1, Item 41 Description changed to "Net Income/(Loss) This Quarter (If Itemized: Item 38 Less Item 39; If OSD: Item 38 Less Item 40)".

*SR2018-000470329 - Resolve the Help Page for 1701Qv2018 which displays blank screen

*SR2018-000470333 – Resolve the Help Page for 1701Q (Old Form) which displays script error

*SR2019-000496095 - Resolve printing error for 1601EQ Item 7 blank RDO Code

What's new with version 6.0

ENHANCEMENT on the ff:

1) One Submit Final Copy Button

2) TIN Validation Using Check Digit

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