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BIR Returns can be generated automatically such as 2550M, 2550Q, 1702Q, 1702, 1601C, 1601E, 1603, 1604CF, 1604E, 2306, 2307, 2316, and Alphalist

BOA Application

What's inside the downloadable zip file :

BOA Requirements for Accreditation

BACC Form No. 2

Code of Good Governance

Ethical & Technical Standard

Internal Quality Review

Sworn Statement

Certificate of Good Moral of Disinterested Person for BIR

BIR Requirements for Tax Accreditation


BIR Table of Contents

Affidavit of No Legal Impedement

Cerficate of Good Moral of Disinterested Person

Certificate of undertaking to preserve working papers

Sworn Statement

Alphalist of taxpayers

Reserved for ADS

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